Sports Rehabilitation Unit

The Sports Rehabilitation Unit focuses on minimising injuries during sport by designing prevention programs aimed at reducing injury risk and frequency.

We concentrate on injury prevention, physical reeducation, and recovery.

Our physical rehabilitation specialist is part of a multidisciplinary team, and oversees the later stages of recovery after an injury, working in collaboration with the other professionals at our centre. 

We make sure that the return to sport is safe, by minimising the risk of injury relapse.

Our goal is to improve fitness, whether it be to increase sports performance, or simply for health purposes.



  • Injury prevention
  • Injury examination and assessment
  • Planning and designing physical and sports rehabilitation programs
  • Continued, individual athlete assessment



  • Custom training plan implementation
  • Injury management and monitoring during rehabilitation and after returning to sport and competition
  • Physical reeducation for body parts when required
  • Maintenance of other physical abilities when injured
  • Neuromuscular training
  • Eccentric training
  • Proprioceptive training

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